Sunday, 20 September 2009

"Return" to Don Bosco

I'm just back from a community where boys after their first semester of Salesiana were given a test/quiz. Here are some of their answers ...
  • Castelnuovo: Capital of Turin.
  • Dominic Savio's prayer: Strike me dead if I am about sin.
  • Dominic Savio: a good man
  • Oratory: place where they dives divides into sodalities.
  • Oratory: they used to change places from one place to another place.
  • Penance of Dominic Savio: by putting stones in his shoes under the bed.
  • When did Fr Alasonatti join Don Bosco? A year ago.
  • St Martin of Mills: Place requested by Don Bosco as cemetry for his boys.
  • Pinardi Shed: It was rented by the Philippi Brothers.
  • Rosimini House: It was a place of St Peter Chains.
  • Condition in the oratory: not so active or enthusiastic due to various reasons
  • Convitto Ecclesiastico: where Don Bosco did his secondary schooling.
With such answers, there sure is no return to Don Bosco!!!
However, boys will be boys!! I'm sure Don Bosco himself is laughing away!

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  1. hey vincent - i really enjoyed the quiz results...i am sure some of those boys will go on to become true sons of don bosco...keep up the interesting blogging...matt, shillong


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