Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Religious: Signs of exaggeration!

Post Vatican II, the idea that the religious life is a state of perfection (above that of lay state of life) gave way to a balanced notion of Christian life and living, especially through the Lumen Gentium. This morning's meditation talk by Fr Dominic Veliath was very insightful in this regard. Here's the summary of his reflection on religious life and its relevance:
As religious we are called to be 'SIGNS' ... signs of exaggeration, of commitment, of happiness. We are called to live life noticeably, that everyone sees in us the path to sanctity (holiness) to which all are called. If we too live our life in an ordinary way, (or worse still, giving scandal) then what is the point in being a religious? Here in comes the aspect of commitment. People see in our lifestyle a 'special breed' hell bent on LIVING the gospel and its values; not merely as an impressive once-in-a-way presentation but as a joyful and total choice. And an important sign to check our fulfillment in being signs of exaggeration and commitment is our 'happiness meter'!
Thanks Fr Dominic!

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