Friday, 4 September 2009

Politics and goodness

There is much talk and paper-ink (read Rajdeep Sardesai's blog) about YSR, the CM of Andhra Pradesh who was killed in a helicopter crash two days ago (along with four others). What surprised me and shocked me - besides the tragic death - was the response of quite a few on the internet. Most of the comments and responses to the internet news were all so abusive and spiteful, that I had to reread the news item if it really was that of the death of YSR. YSR was no big saint. Far from it, he was a seasoned politician who came up the hard way - even using muscle power. As someone stated, he was indeed a bandit ... but a benevolent bandit. Whatever be the case, to speak ill of a dead person, that too is such derogatory terms, speaks ill not of the deceased but of the one penning those few lines. In my understanding, no politician is above corruption and scandal. All have their share of past or present to hide. But perhaps good to see if those who benefit from his/her administration outnumber those to whom he has caused pain. If that is a rather good surplus then s/he has done well.

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