Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Deepening oneself and reaching out

The two days I spent in Kurnool with the candidates of the 7 congregations who gathered there for a two day animation programme were good. It was a good experience for me to get back some of my communication methodologies and techniques. It was also a good challenge for me to give them something. Only when I began that I remembered that it was the 'Joy of giving week' and it was good to get the 50 girls to commit themselves to help out someone for each day of the week, as a start. That was my contribution to commence my week!

Furthermore, for once I felt that maybe when you challenge people to go beyond themselves in order to reach out to others, we naturally deepen our own selves. I was so far convinced that only when we deepen ourselves can we reach out to others. Today I feel, perhaps, it is a simultaneous process - deepening oneself and reaching out.

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