Saturday, 5 September 2009

Faith, hope and charity: vehicle stolen!

This afternoon I was in for a rude shock: our driver called up from the city to say that the four-wheeler, he took to run some errands and do some purchasing, was MISSING!! He had the presence of mind to complain to the nearest police station and then all the confusion began. Our initial hope was that it was towed away by the traffic police van for wrong parking. But nothing of that kind happened. The vehicle was indeed gone! Running up and around the police station, trying to reach the driver (he had left the mobile in the vehicle itself!), contacting different people if they could track the mobile or the phone sim card... Luckily the Police Station SI was a very courteous guy. He and his staff did attend to our request and were cooperative. They did not seem lax or indifferent at least.

Anyway at this moment, optimism is something I'm struggling to find the meaning of! Faith... I have very little of it! Yet I hope, we get it back. And charity, oh boy, what generosity to offer a Chevorlet (Tavera) in charity! But truly I really loved that vehicle!

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