Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Theology or Anthropology?

As I was updating - or rather, reworking - my class notes for Modern Western Philosophy, I came across the dilemma of one of the writers, while speaking about some early philosophers.  He states that most of what is spoken of God is basically a human perception.  Philosophy of God actually offers a good insight into anthropology! 

What we actually perceive about God and all things related to God, is more about ourselves than about something supernatural.  Even in the movie, PK, if one focusses only on the God-talk or religion banter or about theology, one is certain to make a fool of oneself.  Instead if we focus our attention on what does the movie speak about us human beings, especially those who vehemently claim to be disciples or followers of a ´good and great´ God, then we stand to learn a lot.

Another thing that strikes me about the protests against the movie: when religious leaders speak of sacrifice, renunciation, brotherhood and all those virtues spoken of by true religion, there is hardly anyone paying attention, leave alone living up to those ideals.  But when there is something very fundamental and challenging that is posed about religion, every Tom, Dick and Harry becomes a ´religious´ person, a ´true devotee´.  

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