Wednesday, 31 December 2014

PK, God and Religion

I began watching the hindi movie PK yesterday.  I am yet to complete watching it. For once I did not want to rush in to see the conclusion.  I just wanted to savour it... let the questions sink in and let questions in me arise.
As I sat reflecting on some of the primary questions or issues the movie tackles, I asked myself, why did PK start searching for God?  Was it only because he lost something? Was it not also that he, who earlier did not have a notion of God, was ´told´ about God and that he had all the answers?!  What if PK were to have followed his own method or strategy to find his lost property? Would the storyline be the same? Perhaps! Not really sure!

I keep reading about the protests and agitations against the movie in several parts of the country. Several Hindu outfits and groups denouncing the way the movie portrays religion and religious leaders.  I asked myself what if the movie was remade with a Christian slant?  Would the Church too have objection to it?

Frankly speaking, from the part that I watched, there wasn´t anything objectionable about the movie: either in its portrayal of religion or God?  All that it does is raise pertinent and very deep questions about God, religion and humanity. Those who feel ´threatened´ by the questions or presentation, ought to introspect and see what is that that they are frightened about? And if one is genuinely interested in God or religion, seek to find worthy answers for the same, rather than silence the questioner itself. 

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