Wednesday, 31 December 2014

God as a person

I did an experiment to find out how much of God do we truly seek to grasp and understand.  I did a word cloud search for the term ´God´ and I chose the following at random.  I know this is no scientific or valid research, but still is an indicator.
God is barely seen as a person, a being. He is most always a ´he´; synonymous with a string of his attributes; very theological and conceptual (of course, I understand it is a word cloud!)...

What I wish to basically state is that God is rarely looked up to as a person. And even if the term ´god´ is expressed in personal vocabulary, it is of someone and I am merely appropriating it, sans the initial person´s experience! In that sense, the term looses its meaning and flavour and everything, sooner or later.  It becomes an empty shell - good and great on the outside but very much hollow and agonizingly burdensome within!

God Himself is so desperate to become human - I suppose, that´s what Christmas is all about - but we human beings are more desperate to make him divine! 

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