Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Adieu, dear Fr Lens!

Let me start this month of December and break my long silence with a rather sad event: the death of Fr John Lens sdb.  Of all the Salesians I know, I always looked upon Fr Lens as the closest representation of Don Bosco.  His loss, is indeed much felt and is indeed a great loss, especially for our Province.

Several good and great things were enumerated about Fr Lens yesterday during his funeral service.  More than that the very presence of so many Salesians, even those from the neighbouring Province of Bangalore, and most specially of ex-Salesians and past pupils, was a indeed a great testament of Lens' impact as a person.

He never learnt Telugu (the local language) and did not have a great liking for inculturation with regard to liturgical matters.  But viewed through the whole large prism - as large as the largest Egyptian pyramid itself - these factors are mere dust!

I personally did not really feel sad for I am convinced that he was a man who did much more than what was assigned to him by God when he put him on earth... much, much more!  There would hardly be anyone who would claim that he could have done more than what he did during the years, he spent with us.  Even in his old age, he never knew what it was to sit idle, do nothing! He always kept himself happily occupied. Most of all he read!  Everyday, ... even hours before his final breath.

My immediate thoughts about this simple yet, giant of a Salesian of Don Bosco, soon after I heard about his death are here as posted on the Salesian national website

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