Monday, 15 December 2014

Priesthood and homosexuality

Last week there was a seminar for our students on psycho-sexual integration. As the conclusion of the same there was a panel discussion. During the discussion there was one point made by Fr Jose Mathew, in his usual sober tone, as a matter of fact. When asked why is it that the Catholic Church does not look very encouragingly upon those with homosexual tendencies as candidates to religious or priestly life, he  gave the Church's viewpoint, then from the point of psychology and finally concluded stating this: Why is it that this point alone is being singled out as 'against' the Church.  The Church clearly sets down certain requirements of those who are called to serve the rest.  There is community life (for the religious), the demand of detachment (poverty), humility (obedience)... and so is this aspect too.  That as men called to live in a community as Brothers to reach out to serve those to whom we are sent to, especially we as Salesians called to serve the young, we need to be men who can love one and all equally. And for this if our inclinations and motivations draw us to one or only a few then we will never be able to truly be generous in loving everyone.  

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