Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thomas the seeker!

Fr Tom began his sermon during the Mass this morning, in honour of St Thomas, with a question: Is the title 'doubting Thomas' justified? His rationale was that the other apostles too did not believe in the Resurrection of Jesus till Jesus appeared to them.  Why then is Thomas singled out to be a doubter?

He then went on to classify those who doubt into two categories: those who ask or doubt for the heck of it. Such kind are never satisfied with any proofs or solutions.  They merely thrive on doubts.  The other kind are those who are sincerely in search of truth and therefore doubt.  Their attempt is sincere in as much as they seek to know and grow.  Thus Thomas was an honest doubter not a dishonest one or a pessimist.

Thomas was an honest man to acknowledge that he did not believe; and not be like very many in our classrooms who nod their head when asked if they understood the point just explained, while in fact, they understood nothing.  Thomas had the courage to acknowledge his disbelief and therefore was offered a chance to believe. And boy! What a conviction that follows!

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