Friday, 18 July 2014

The Multiplication of the Mulberry Bush

Ever seen fruits on a newly planted branch of a tree?  Well that's what we are witnessing here at Karunapuram.  Fr T.V. Jose, a week ago, cut some branches of the mulberry bush that he had planted some years ago and planted them all over the campus.  Not only have most of those stems survived, some of them have even sprouted leaves and a couple of them are already with fruits!  Must be a direct descendant of the original tree in the garden of Eden!

The history of the Mulberry bush in the Salesian Province of Hyderabad is quite well known. Fr T. V. Jose, while at the Provincial House, Hyderabad had brought from home a couple of stems of the Mulberry tree from his home. One of those stems he had planted in the gap between the Chapel and the Community refectory.  Anyone visiting the Provincial house will now get to see a lively large bush bearing abundant fruit.

About six years ago, I had cut a couple of branches and given it to Mummy to plant it in our farm house.  My nephew was only two years old then. By the time my nephew was four, the plants were no bigger than him but he had to vie with the birds for the fruits on them!! 

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