Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Of pearls and the process...

Last Sunday there was the Gospel about the man in search of pearls and the end of his quest.  It speaks of one who in search of fine pearls comes across one of great value, returns home, sells all he has, and purchases that one pearl of great value.  All fine.  I understand we are to understand that the one pearl is the Kingdom of God or God Himself.  That possessing Him we are truly happy and contended.
However, I'm beginning to feel that there is a slight twist to this whole episode in real life, especially in our modern times.  The actual Gospel sequence is:
knowledge of pearls,
search for fine pearls,
discovery of one,
return to the pearls already possessed,
sale of them all,
purchase of the one great pearl.
Consequence: Bliss

But in most of our lives the sequence could be:
improper or haphazard knowledge of pearls
random picking up of anything that shines!
and mesmerized with what I have.
Consequence: Illusionary bliss

Even among those who heed the Gospel call, there could be some who follow this procedure:
sell everything (just because Jesus said!... not because I've discovered the Kingdom)
start searching
slowly spend the fortune in hand
(for I really have no patience to find the real pearl or worse still, I underestimate the price of the real pearl... worst of all: I haven't found the pearl at all!)

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