Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Blood donation

Today, for the first time, I donated blood.  I distinctly remember the first time I had the opportunity to donate blood to a person in the hospital.  I was eagerly waiting at the gate, in Divyadaan (Nashik) for my pick up which was supposed to take me to the hospital.  The vehicle did arrive - but with the sad news that the lady, for whom I was supposed to give blood, had passed away!

From then on, there were about a couple of other occasions but I never really got to the point of lying on a table and donating.  Today when the the college agreed to host a blood donation camp conducted by the Red Cross Society, I decided to make it by all means.  And I did!

Frankly speaking I'm not very comfortable around blood. I feel dizzy but enthusing some Brothers who were 'lurking' on the corridors making up their mind to go or not to go in, for the donation, was enough motivation to see me through.  In all, about 62 Brothers donated blood today, most of them for the first time!

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