Thursday, 9 January 2014

Love for the young

With no real support from the 'qualified' analysts, I had to chip in with my rustic interpretation and analysis of the survey results that I had accumulated.  So with the tables at hand prepared by the ones responsible (at least that was done!), I fired off my prejudices, hypothesis, predictions, views and what not.  It was like this: I would state my idea or impression and then display a set of slides containing the results of the individual answers.  The ideal would have been a cross-tabulated analysis but in the absence of which, the single slides/question-answer result, presented in a logical fashion drove home the point. Here's one example:

I pointed out that to the question as to whether we love the youth of our place for their welfare, 84% responded positively.  I could see them all smiling and happy about it. I then pulled out the next slide: I read something daily besides the Bible and the Constitutions.  The answer was 63%.  The next slide was about me regularly updating myself in my field of apostolate. The highest percentage was 52%.  The next slide was about plan for myself (for my life and for this year), the answer was 51% affirmative.  Therefore my conclusive statement: Is the answer to the first statement, namely that I genuinely love the youth of my place for their welfare, authentic or valid?

At once, someone got up and asked, what is the connection between me loving the youth of my place and my updating myself?  Someone else too had a similar objection about another statement and the first one. Before I could show the connection there were several hands up, with eyes all lit up, having seen the connection, wanting to respond.  For me the connection was all too evident. If I genuinely love my people, I will offer them the best of myself and my services.  And how will I offer the best of myself, if I hardly have a plan for myself and my activities, or constantly seek creative and efficient means to pass on the knowledge and skill I have to those entrusted to my care, or am waiting for a formal official time and place set apart (preferably abroad) by my Provincial for updating myself? 

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