Monday, 15 April 2019

Thank you walk!

Embarking on the pilgrim walk with the students tomorrow, I honestly don't have any aspirations.  Just want to get out of the house and do something useful.  Perhaps somewhere hidden there is also the 'religious' feeling of doing something for Lent!  Most importantly look forward to being with young people and listening to them, more with the heart than the ears alone! 

I know and keep telling myself that it will be physically excruciating, especially given the fact that I've not been on the road, walking enough.  But I hope the sense of walking as a pilgrim group will make up for the deficient physical stamina.  The following week conference in Oxford too, will involve quite a bit of walking from Cowley to the venue and the railway station itself.  So in all, the coming two weeks are dedicated to walking! 

Even though it is the Holy Week and the Easter week (later), I cannot get myself to tell the Lord that it is for Him that I'm walking! I'm not!  So, as I ask myself what intention do I dedicate this walking to, I say: Thank you Lord! Thanks for everything, especially all the wonderful people in my life who continually love, cherish and nourish me!  Bless them all! For them all, I gladly undertake what you have for me in store, in the two weeks ahead.  

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