Saturday, 4 August 2012

Reluctance or resistance or lethargy?

The meeting of the news correspondents (who go under the title BIS - Bosco Information Services),  was good.  I got to share my views and my knowledge with the group of 22 of them.  However, I realised quite early itself that they were not in sync with me... neither were they interested in being so.  A few however were very much involved and enthusiastic about the whole thing of reporting news and peeping into the possibilities the internet has to offer for us Salesians.  The rest were there because they had to be there!

My immediate observance: there is a general reluctance to read, reflect and write.  Somehow that whole process has not entered our system, neither individually nor collectively.  Thathi tried to get the participants to commit themselves to something concrete (like writing a news article once a week or so) but the response was not forthcoming... neither to his request for creative ideas and proposals for the upcoming jubilee of Salesian presence in Andhra Pradesh.  And who were the participants? The youngest of the confreres, all within the 25 to 35 age group.

Certainly all of us can do better! 

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