Saturday, 11 August 2012

Chastity and the wall

The parish Priest of Mangalapalem wrote to the Bishop asking his help to construct a compound wall around his Parish.  Citing the primary reason that people use the open space around the Church for their natural calls, he emphasised the need, even more when he added that it is very scandalous and "seducing" to see women and girls go for their needs in the open and that too in clear view of the young Priests and Clerics helping him in the Parish.  The Parish Priest received a reply, on a postcard, from the Bishop Gopu Mark.
Do you think that the lack of the compound wall was the reason why Charles David left Priesthood?  (Charles David was a young Priest who had left Priesthood lately). 
The Parish Priest replied, of course on a postcard:
I know not Charles David, but I certainly know King David! 
[Heard this amusing incident from one of our former Spiritual Directors]

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