Friday, 7 June 2019

Those without grandmothers...

Most academic philosophers never had grandmothers!  Nor did they ever have any good relationship with their own mothers!  Of this I'm sure!  If they did have grandmothers and lived with them even if for a little while in their grown up years, they'd never have become what most of them are: jargon monsters! 

It is said that comprehension of an idea, however complex it may be, is tested when you can explain it to your grandma and she'll understand.  Don Bosco had his mother.  And the first time he wrote a verbose sermon, she almost tore it up!  Then there is the Salesian tradition of goodnight thoughts.  Again, Mamma Margaret offering the boys some good piece of advice before they hit bed for the night.  I really prefer that. 

I'm not against grand and complex ideas and thoughts.  I certainly deem them very essential for growth and progress.  However, that's what we do within ourselves or at the most with like minded people.  We don't experiment those thoughts in their epistemological and metaphysical laden jargon with everyone.  And if we can't or don't want to, break it down so that all benefit from the richness of the thought, without the burden of academic jargon, then there is something wrong with us!  

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