Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Life as a witness media

What really impressed the Jews during the time of Jesus and the immediate post-resurrection period was the witness of the early Christians.  The teachings and doctrines were pretty much present in their own scriptures but what was lacking was a 'living model'.  Someone or some who would make that doctrine into actual living.  Jesus initiated it and the early Christians, especially the apostles and disciples, continued it.  Just imagine if the apostles and others merely went about preaching the Gospel but not really living it - mere transmission of the text!  Christianity would have ended up even before it spread! 

An interesting statement to this effect is the following text from St Paul's letter to the Thessalonians (2:8):
Like a mother feeding and looking after her own children we felt so devoted and protective towards you, and had come to love you so much, that we were eager to hand over to you not only the Good News but our whole lives as well
What really carried home the message of the Gospel was not their oratorian skills or communication media, but their lives filled with the very message of what they were preaching.  Their life was the message and the message was also the medium. 

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