Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Focus of the click

There was a time not so long ago when photography was an art - an art not the be messed with.  So there was a sense of proportion, angle, symmetry, and a whole list of do's and don'ts that was part of photography.  Then there was a whole list of things one would photograph - basically people.  Anything else was considered a waste of precious time, energy, talent and resources.  However, whenever I visit tourist spots or am with a group of tourists (among whom there are invariably a couple of them who have hi-tech cameras), I cannot but notice the "odd and strange" things they photograph. 

Of course, the whole notion of art has evolved and technology has adapted.  But I wonder what would the pioneers of photography have said about this person who was photographing a dustbin?  He certainly must have seen something novel... hopefully.
Watching him click away the dustbin, and me being unable to resist the temptation of clicking him in the act, I was reminded of our picnic to Velankanni while studying at The Retreat, Yercaud, two decades ago.  Fr Amalaraj, the rector had a camera and once in a way he would exhibit his generosity by asking some Brothers to pose.  And boy, he did have a pose himself!  Soon, the requests for photos increased, especially from a select few.  Only later did he realise that this select group was coaxing him to take the photos so that the Assistant (who had the only other camera) could click him in his various comic postures of clicking photos! 

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