Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Divergent worlds (really?)

For once, I'm beginning to feel the pressure (in a good way) of living in two divergent worlds.  There is the world of religious life, not just the one I lived in India which is considered a religious place, but the whole ambiance of community life, seminary, Salesian literature and apostolate... The one that I am still living consciously living. The literature that I still subscribe to (though tend to glide past it more often now).  The world of what I know for sure, mostly and feel secure about; am comfortable with.

On the other hand is the world which has nothing to do with the previous world.  It is a world that exists and operates as if the other - my predominant world - does not exist at all.  No charity-mode, no religion, no religious life, not even God.  But it isn't in chaos or bad.  There are values and principles at work - just as in the previous world.  The realisation that this world, unlike earlier experience or perspective, is not 'bad' or something to be avoided.  On the contrary, the 'other' world too is good and has great lessons in values to teach. 

The struggle however is to connect the two.  Innately I feel a great connection but am unable to consciously see or formulate it.  It still appears binary. But am feeling more and more convinced it isn't.  My research certainly has much to do with it.  But there is more that is fueling this dilemma.  Wish I could lay my finger on it.  But then wonder if I'd still feel the thrill of this 'ignorance' (or comfort?).

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