Thursday, 22 March 2018

Belief in God vs belief in the idea of God

Faith is often seen as a remedy for most challenges and difficulties one faces in life.  However, the contrary of it, namely that faith leads to most challenges and difficulties in life is also true. 

Faith certainly is no cushion to rest on.  If really serious about it, faith questions every aspect of our life.  We certainly cannot rest secure that faith will answer all questions.  No, it does not.  In fact, it raises several more.  So one may ask, if that is the case, why on earth would anyone want to grow in faith? 

Well the real issue is growing from having an idea of God to experiencing God; from entertaining and being entertained by the thought of God to being with him.  Need to graduate from 'faith in what' to 'faith in whom'.  That's the real challenge.  Living by the former is cosy and comfortable.  The latter is confusing and demanding.  Yet that is what we innately seek.  Though on the periphery and most often we avoid this innate tendency, we do get bored of it and once in a way let faith shine through us. But the moment we feel the 'heat' of it, we shrink back into the shell of our idea(l) God. 
Belief in God without anguish in mind, without uncertainty, without doubt, without an element of despair is not belief in God at all, but belief in a mere idea of God.
Miguel de Unamuno

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