Monday, 4 January 2016

The making of a legend

After much delay and deliberation and delayed deliberation I continued reading the novel which has been rolling around my bed and table since two months... untouched!!  Now that it has reached my office table, I forget the title really.

It is a rather interesting one by Amish about the Immortals of Meluha (I think that's the title). It is about a man of no distinct nobility rising up the ranks of hierarchy primarily due to a particular sign (a blue throat).  I'm still in the initial chapter wherein most people who see this person are all awe and show extreme reverence.  There are a couple of skeptics but very very few who recognise the sign and yet behave normally.  The person himself is yet to understand the significance of the special trait for which he is almost revered.  However, I was struck by one quote therein:
... whether a man is a legend or not is decided by history, not fortune-tellers.  
No on becomes great or let me use the right word, noble just because he has some features already he is blessed with or has some inborn talents.  It is basically what one does with what one is blessed with that makes him or her noble.

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