Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Another great vivid example of how 'shutter-happy' most people are was 'enacted' out today in our campus.  The daughter of the former Chief Minister, Mr YSR, Ms Sharmila made a stop at our place this afternoon.  The request was to let her, and her alone, have lunch in our dining hall. It was agreed on condition that her whole entourage  not follow her inside the house.  She was to have reached our place by 1 pm.  She made it only at 2.30 pm and when she did enter the campus, she decided to have her lunch in her caravan itself.  Her bevy of ministers though took the chance to eat indoors in our community dining hall.  Luckily they kept their promise of getting their own food.

Well that was one part of it.  The real point is the drama that unfolded when she came out of her caravan after lunch.  Everyone trying desperately to come close to her and get a photo clicked.  Barely was anyone interested in listening to her or letting anyone - anyone at all - to speak!  Everyone just wanted to crowd around her.  Perhaps I was the only fool who was watching all this from far, having made some arrangements for meals for the hungry bodyguards.

Some of our staff members were quite surprised to see me comfortably sitting at the entrance porch showing no sign of interest in joining the crowd!  Neither did they understand my wonder at their craze in being amidst a sea of people!  When the whole crowd dispersed I heard one of our staff members asking another staff member who clicked some photos to send him the photos so that he could upload them on his facebook page! Umph!

I suppose, each one is a city - an eccentricity! 

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