Monday, 4 January 2016

Creative enthusiasm

Two youngsters, whom I've met a couple of times already, in the past two weeks or so have begun to earn my appreciation. One has an MBA and another is a web designer by qualification.  Both of them have teamed up to bring out a rather qualitative year planner.  Not just a planner but one with some thought and research involved.  They tell me that this is not their maiden venture either.

What I find interesting in these youngsters is the enthusiasm to do something new and different.  In the process they are also earning something.  But the freshness and creativity and enthusiasm for finesse and quality is something worth emulating.  They are not just a couple of guys who are keen on earning big bucks by getting employed by some corporate sector bigwig.  They are out on their own, experimenting, kindling their creative genes and exploring... and most importantly enjoying!

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