Saturday, 14 May 2016

Preparing for the sowing

Reading the testimony of a Korean missionary in Africa, I was amused by his frank and open sharing about his maiden experience outside his own culture.  He shares some of the significant things that stand out for him as a person coming from a different culture altogether.  He also adds the fact that there were missionaries from his own country to the particular place that he is currently posted at... and wonders how the place could still be so 'remote' in development and growth.

I was specially struck by his optimism.  He went to the country expecting that the seed sown by his predecessors would have now grown into a huge tree only to realise that they did their best and had only prepared the ground... he was to do the sowing of the seed!

We all have expectations and dreams about very many things in life.  Not all are realistic or actualised but it is better to have dreams than none!  Greater are those who do not get discouraged but are willing to see the new and different possibilities that reality offers in contrast to ones own dreams and expectations.

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