Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Battle for the Soul

Talking to someone this morning, the person was saying that today we wage a battle for the soul.  It is not the eyes or the hands that are being appropriated but the very soul of an individual, of a nation.

There were/are times when we face some sort of opposition from brute senseless forces. At other times there were/are some random acts of defiance or mud-slinging.  But we now see a change in the onslaught of accusations and the type of thinking that goes behind this sort of maligning.  It is a very subtle game plan with apparently nothing malicious or dangerous, yet a deeper and perceptive look will reveal the sinister plans involved.

Add to this very intelligent agenda of well educated individuals, the provocative interference of bullies.  Often the latter is merely instigated by the former.  The latter is too naive to see the difference and thereby thinks he or she is being a hero, a patriot, a true devotee, a genuine human being.  On the contrary, having given up all sense of reasoning and human understanding, he acts against the very tenets which he claims to uphold and protect.  

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