Saturday, 5 December 2009

Rinaldi and commitment

Today is the feast of Don Rinaldi, someone whom I always admired for his commitment. He was one who resisted Don Bosco for 9 full years. Don Bosco, for one, did not let go of him. But once Rinaldi consented to be with Don Bosco, there was no looking back. He was totally for Don Bosco. Nothing else mattered. Now that's called commitment... total dedication and availability.

Some other facts about him...
He was the last Rector Major (third successor of Don Bosco) to have been trained by Don Bosco himself.
It was during his tenure as Rector Major that Don Bosco was canonized (in 1934).
He was a great encouraged the various groups which form part of the Salesian family.

Here's something more about him...

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