Monday, 28 December 2009

Excellence not success

Last night I watched my first hindi movie in a theatre after joining the Salesians... 3 Idiots. It was worth it! Beautiful movie, a good theme (similar to that of the previous movies of Rajkumar Hirani), first class acting and a good cinematography. The story is simple but gripping. The best part I liked of it was that it never dragged. The narration of it too, weaving between the past and present too is appreciated.

I realise that 3 Idiots, like Munnabai MBBS and Lage Raho Munnabai, is an attempt to change the system rather than get rid of a few individuals. This is a good shift in India cinema where there has to be a villian and then a hero who eliminates that villain. In this movie there are no villians, but the whole structure is faulty and therefore the movie is a form of 'satire' on the existing structure, especially that of education. Though not very practical in its realistic take, yet the movie drives home a point with conviction: strive for excellence and education not success and grades.


  1. Hi Bro!
    We'll try to see this film too when it comes to this side of the 'subcontinent' (hopefully this expression is correct.) I am now trying to manage with my little Urdu. Thanks. And have a woderful new year ahead.


  2. Hi Melo,
    It is a good film, worth watching.
    And from the way you use the urdu words in your blog, you will surely understand the movie!
    Have a good time!


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